The Bell in Scona is a proud emblem of Old Strathcona and Alberta’s rich heritage. Housed in our vintage building, we’ve created a space to celebrate and share our region’s history through unique culinary and brewing experiences.

Our brewery brings a piece of the past into the present through using antique pre-war cast iron and copper vessels to craft distinctive beers. Each brew resonates with an authentic taste of local ingredients, reflecting our love for Alberta’s natural bounty.

Nestled in this historic setting, our taproom offers a curated menu using locally-sourced ingredients, marrying tradition with innovation. We wish to take you on a culinary journey through the best ingredients, locally raised meats and the diverse flavours our province has to offer.

Our event space, brimming with warmth and genuine hospitality, is a welcoming backdrop for your special celebrations. From enchanting weddings to joyous receptions, we ensure every occasion is memorable.

The Bell in Scona is more than a brewery, taproom, or event venue. It’s a communal hub in our beloved Scona where the past and present coalesce, inviting locals and visitors to celebrate the richness of Alberta. We invite you to join us in toasting our shared history and vibrant future.